Monday, January 4, 2010

09 Tree

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So the first day of the New Year is my little ones birthday-9 is fine!

With the holidays over and the kids back to school it is time for me to reflect on how to go about implementing the changes. One of my biggest downfalls is that I don't like to spend money -even when I need to.. like the fact that having a dedicated "pretty" file box would help with the paper piles! So I headed over to Target and got one- not even terribly expensive! I also picked up an ornament organizer- so nice! I tend to believe that I have something I can re purpose into a container for getting -staying organized, when the reality is it rarely happens.

My plans for classes were way laid by the school cancelling the class for January which created an avalanche of issues. I planned to be in school the entire month of January and starting the new long term sub job in February... I am coming to realize as soon as I make a plan, it... not disintegrates, but morphs into another plan. I will be calling the school today to see if the other campus has the class- or sign up for spring- which leads into either childcare- leading to a loan- or possibly online. If the stars align properly then I can switch locations and still be good for the month of January.