Sunday, February 28, 2010

This and That

So I came here to tell you
  • my Ravelympics mittens didn't quite make the closing ceremony! Yikes. But I am proud that I tried and they are almost finished the outer shell.
  • I started a long term sub job teaching 6th grade Language Arts/ Reading.  Shakespeare Unit this had seriously better lead to my own classroom or else I am going to possible go quite mad.
  • the online class I am taking is sending me up the wall- the textbook has writing like the bible on pages jsut as thin :(
  • My ex dropped the kids off News Years day and well.. that about 9 weeks. I posted a FB wall post that says 9 weeks without seeing your kids = loser- to get an email from his sister saying she has offered to help- blah blah and that Jacob can see what I write- and she knows how I feel- Um HI- you move back home and your mother took care of your ONE child- how exactly is that like my situation?
  • If I dont hge t ajob by the end of August I have to make some BIG changes.- like relocating.