Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring etc.

It has been a while. But I am not aware of anyone actually reading this blog -except for the creator. I've been busy- teaching long term sub for 6th grade language and reading. Taking an online class-not as much fun as I thought. It seems that over the winter I was really in the dumps- and not so happy about my lot in life. Things are beginning mto turnaround. I think the sunny weather helps. I dont want to be a person who has nothing to do but complain- I know the bottled up anger hurts me physically but I also know no one wants to listen to me b!tch everyday about the same things either and how unfair it all is.
My ex is in town this weekend. My daughter wanted Easter at our house but I needed the break. It has been spring break this past week and while I love not having hte routine of wakign super early etc. I would actually like a break myself. So, while he spent saturday at my house I am spending the same time alone house sitting for my friend while she and her family are visiting relative for the holiday. I have a STACK of papers to grade. I dont love the grading. I also have to finish the assignment for my own class work. And I am trying to be happier, alone with the full parental responsibilities and not be angry that I am raising two kids alone. I said trying -not that I was succeeding.