Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The final weeks

So school is almost over only 2 more half days left! Yippee. I realized this morning I will get to "sleep in" too. my one pumpkin head doesn't really do mornings. I spent a good chunk of the morning on the phone trying to figure out if I can take the class I need to get recertified to teach.
A little over twelve years ago there was a girl who wanted to believe in happy ever after. Very soon in the beginning of her married life she and her WAShusband decided that staying hom einstead of continuing to teach at the local high school was a better choice for their family. Another child, a move out of state, one MAJOR F- UP! , an admission of alcoholism, two cases of lung cancer and you put it all together and what do you get = divorce.
Of course I am forgoing many of the details - because who wants to read all the uglies? So the kids and I moved back to MD, leaving the sunshine state behind, good riddance. So now that the state has finally figured out what I need to do to get recertified, the local university has me listed as an out of state student (hello- tax payer 2years), and a lost transcript later! and I am planning to take the class at the local community college IF I can get a sitter- 5 weeks 4 days a week. YIKEZERS.

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