Saturday, July 25, 2009

Time flies- when it rains it pours

so... the little one take an ambu ride to get 7 stitches.the ex told me he is moving back to Florida and then I got a ticket for a brake light out.For some reason I though tit would be a good idea to babysit my 2 year old neice for 3 days, follow that up with a transport of a rescue dog, then babysit my neighbors- not-yet-housebroken- puppy.
Say "NO" much? apparently not. And the fighting continued with the phone/internet company, then to be followed up with a well known fitness center b/c I unknowingly signed my two elementary aged children up for 3 (!!!) years (!!!) of karate.
So this weekend the kids are with the ex. I am supposed to go to Annapolis with my friend and stay over night at her brothers house. I love hanging out with her. She is fun and smart, sometimes I feel like I am not a good friend to her b/c I say things that are meant to be funny and it hurts her feelings. I am planning on curbing that. I am very aware of how men react to her b/c my own atractivenes is suffering. Since the last year in Florida until today I've put on about 40 lbs. I thought joining a gym woudl help but my kids are too old to go into their "childcare" area. So... I better get my butt on th epavement. I tried running thi sspring and that's when I ended up in ER with severe sciatica. So since I have no insurance I think I need to walk, and walk and walk. in fact I better go put on some shoes and mow the grass- that counts as exercise right?

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