Friday, May 21, 2010

knitted gifts and more

The other day I received a facebook email that my friend was having a partial masectomy (sp?). Her email included lots of medical jargon that I didn't know and...frankly glad I didn't have the occasion to need to know it before now. She is only a few years older than I am so the reality of caring for myself set in. I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't scared- scared fo rher scared for the reality of life. Being single , with two kids,uninsured can do that to a gal. I've let my weight and exercise get out of control. While I've always been mor eof a team sport kinda girl- while the ex gave up booze,smokes and me- I never hopped on his health train bandwagon. I believed then- and still do- that his addictive personality traded one negative addiction for a more socially accepted one- but I digress. So after my friend's health crisis I realized that even with the thought of an asthma attack which might easily send me to the E.R. I have to try. I am planning to borrow  a friends Wii Fit to see if I like it.
The other thing my friends scare sent me to  was the yarn store ;)  I bought several skeins of a lovely yarn, then when I go thome I realized that me friends color was not THIS, so I dug through my stash and picked out some lovely green Malabrigo yarn. I LOVE it. I am almost half way through knitting the stole for her- it is turning out great! now C wants one for herself! So pictures when it finally is finished!

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