Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's my Birthday!

Today was a great day. My little ladybug made me a gorgeous breakfast! She was so proud of herself too. I hope that the days of strife and my anger do not color their world too much. They have to discover some things by themselves. He can say what he wants to hurt me but he better be armed if he hurts them with his lack of planning and false hopes he has been giving them. I am struggling with the right balance as a buffer. Some days keeping it together is harder than others and today has been challenging. I never thought that at 36 I would feel like such a loser, divorced, unemployed and seemingly undesireable to hire, and without a plan that seems feasible. I want to be strong and brave and say haha I will show you but really...I dont think I have the energy. The anger is bubbling over the top and I dont know if I can keep it contained. I am just so damn angry and it seems unfair.I seriously dont even know where to turn to figure out how to turn this all around.

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  1. Heather,
    Hope you had a good birthday. And just because life is giving you challenges doesn't make you a loser. At all.

    I wanted to respond to your post about the vintage sheets on my blog, but I wasn't sure if this was the best place to do that, considering you seemed sort of, well, down.

    So forgive me:

    I think a vintage sheet swap would be fun. I signed up for one on Flickr, but it seems to have sort of died out, plus everyone else appears to be in New Zealand. If you get one set up, let me know. The way they did it was just an honor system. You don't take more than you have offered to give. Also, they had tiny little pieces (like 7" square), but I think fat quarter size or something like that would be more useful.

    I think a big border on my quilt might be OK. Maybe the nine big squares on top of the bed and then a big white border hanging over the edge and maybe some tiny vintage sheet squares along the bottom or something to add interest. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Here's to things looking up for you.